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Egbhouse Soap and Candle Making

Product description: 
Material:  Flexible Silicone  Mold
Name: 3D Silicone Soap / candle Mold - cup cake with ice cream top  

This mold can be used to make soap and candle. Please kindly note that this whole thing is made from real soap. Our artist hand drip the ice cream top using CP methods.

size in inches: 2 3/5" * 2 3/5" * 3 3/4"
MP soap : 6.57 oz per bar
CP/HP soap: 6 oz. per bar

*** This is a 2-parts assembled mold.
Packing:  cardboard box /   per pc
Cavity:   one cavity   per mold

Note: this is a 3-dimension design.           The finished product looks just like real.          We suggest for experienced candle / soap maker. As it shows lots of details, maker needs to have basic know-how. 

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